Wall lamp 'wooden knot'

The place in a tree where a branch is formed often creates a beautiful shape in the wood.

To transform it to a suitable wall lamp, I first carefully removed as much as possible of the wood that was behind this 'knot'. After all, it is about the lines in the wood and the lamp should not come out too much. I then incorporated an LED cord (warm white) into the back and connected that cord to a dimmer and a transformer. When the lamp is switched on, it gives a nice effect because the light is neatly scattered around the lamp. During the day, the lamp immediately catches the eye due to its beautiful shape and in the evening the beautiful indirect light is added to this lamp. In the end it has become a beautiful art object, shaped by nature and edited by me.

The lamp is approximately 20 cm wide and 20 cm high.
A suitable transformer is included for the US or UK.(€40,--) (code W22)

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