Special rules for deliveries abroad.

You can order one of my lamps by sending me the form that becomes available when you click on the ‘button’ that sends you to the form that goes with the selected lamp.

Adapter provided
If you order a lamp for the UK or the US, I add the right adapter so you can use the lamp properly.

All my prices are in Euros, check your own currency to know what it will cost you in your situation.
I will send you my bank account details as soon as we agree about the price.

Sending conditions
First the payment must have been done; you will have to trust me that I do what I promise, and send your lamp as soon and as safe as possible.

Shipping costs
The additional costs for shipping abroad are in most cases €10,--, which is less than the real costs.
If it’s a big or heavy item the extra costs will be €20,--.

If needed for your country, I add the necessary custom papers.

There is no possibility to send the lamp back. If something during the shipment went wrong you will have to charge the delivery company for the damage.
Only when you can prove that the damage could have been avoided by me for whatever reason, I promise to give you your money back.

I will never share details of your identity with other people.