Wall lamp prancing horse

This wall lamp is immediately noticeable in whatever room because of the prancing horse that is depicted with a few subtle lines. I sawed these lines into a beautiful oak plank of almost 3 cm thickness. The lines subtly allow the indirect LED light to pass through and ensure that the stylistically depicted prancing horse can be seen beautifully.

The light comes from an LED cord that is placed on the back. The brightness can be adjusted with the help of a dimmer.
The wood of the oak plank has been sanded smooth, while preserving the rough sides of the bark of the tree.

This wall lamp with character works great on a relatively large wall surface because of its size: it is almost 80 cm high and 50 cm wide at its widest point. The thickness of the shelf is almost 3 cm. The total weight is 6.2 kg. All in all, a unique item that is particularly easy to hang.

Due to the size and weight, sale and transport is only possible for the Netherlands and the EU countries.

(€90,--) (code W13)

You can read more about the special rules for deliveries outside of the Netherlands when you click here