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Due to it's size and weight, it is too expensive to ship this item to a coutry outside Europe, including the UK.

Oak hanging lamp (€90,--)

This beautiful hanging lamp is made of an oak plank and is made from waste wood from a sawmill. The LED lighting has two positions and can be controlled with a remote control. The special thing about this lamp is the fact that the LED lamps work on batteries (3 AAA batteries per lamp); this allows the lamp to be hung even when there is no wiring.

The height of the lamp can be adjusted by shortening the robust rope or by connecting it to a ceiling with your own rope or chain. The hanging ropes come together in a block of oak from the same tree

The bottom of the plank has been waxed to show off the grain, the top is lacquered. This means that something can also be placed on the shelf.

The dimensions of the shelf are: 66 cm / 40 cm and the height is 105 cm.

(€90,--) (code H2)